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This webinar aims to propagandize the Journal of Ecohydraulics and provide a platform to discuss the environmental flow and its importance to support the Water-Food-Energy-Ecology Nexus. Experts from different countries will provide diverse perspectives on the EF, one of the most important aspects to support the human society and natural ecosystems in the world.

The rapid development of infrastructures has threatened the ecosystem processes, biodiversity, and services in the rivers globally during the past century. And the high fragmentation of the river continuum resulted in the loss of natural regime and longitudinal connectivity, those which affected the fundamental processes and functions of river ecosystems. The loss of the natural regime is considered as the major reason to cause the degradation of river ecosystem structure and functioning. This special session focuses on the connections between the environmental flow and aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem functions, following the research hotspots in environmental flow, and further understanding the importance of environmental flow in sustaining the global Water-Food-Energy-Ecology Nexus.

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